Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bench-to-bench salesman

bench to bench salesman

So the conversation probably went a bit like this......

Man with the bag: Mornin' pet, do you want to buy some tabs....good price, good price
Old biddy on the bench: Eeee no pet, aaah divvent smoke
Man with the bag: What aboot fer yer auld man, or one of the bairns or grandbairns mebbe?
Old biddy on the bench: Naa, naa, not today pet
Man with the bag: Now are ya sure aa can't tempt ya?
Old biddy on the bench: Wey no man, aav'e just telt yer
Man with the bag: Aall reet, aall reet, keep yer hair on wumman....

NB I know he was selling cigarettes because I was the previous old biddy on a bench he tried his silver-tongued charm on....the rest, of course, is pure conjecture.....

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sleepyduck said...

Love the conversation :-)

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