Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm posting this after a request from Anne and John (actually, what they REALLY asked for was for me to make them some!) I couldn't find the original recipe I'd made up but this is the nearest I can come up with after perusing the interwebs (and my kitchen cupboards for available ingredients).....it smells and tastes reasonably close to the original!

Pretendy 'Old Bay Seasoning Mix'

'T' stands for tablespoon
and 't' stands for teaspoon (both heaped)

4T salt
2T celery salt
2T paprika (you could use smoked if you happen to have it)
1T dried english mustard powder
1T white pepper
1T kalonji (onion seeds)
1T ground cumin
1t nutmeg
1t allspice
1t turmeric
1t cinnamon
12 dried bay leaves, chopped small

Mix the lot together and store in an airtight container. Sprinkle with abandon on potatoes (or any other vegetable for that matter) before roasting.

The Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band....

....what's not to like?
Found this animation set to 'Jollity Farm' that's rather pleasant. And if anyone's interested in listening to the 3 John peel sessions that Viv Stanshall did many moons ago, I'm yer man!

Wonder whether Anne has seen THIS one?

Music Box

Over on the right you'll spot a new addition to the blog. It's a music player loaded with some, er, novelty music...description of which follows
"This album was the first of three that were put out by the Green County Medical Society for scholarship aid to medical students. These albums were sold at the society’s headquarters in Springfield, MO for 3.25 each.
All of the bands members were doctors from the area. The record was sold in a plain white sleeve with no information to speak of."

Avian enigmas

First off I should mention that this is the 200th post....so, Happy Birthday folks!!

On with the show....a couple of bird related items of interest. First, you've heard of double yolkers, well this is a double sheller.....

Full story here

And then the second one is from the archives...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Anne told me to do it!!

New audio in the the box files

You maybe missed Marcus Brigstock ranting about religion on The Now Show on Friday....I've posted in the boxfiles, just click and it should play (assuming you have speakers turned on of course). Now that's what I call 'stand up'!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Another good night was had by our merry trio at the festival again this year. Turning up at 5.00 armed for the weather and laden down with an impressive selection of picnic goodies and an array of wine we settled down to enjoy the evenings entertainment. Three good acts varying from Celtic to Salsa to African - you cannot say you do not get variety - the link below lets you sample some of the headline acts recorded material. It has to be said the organisation was pretty poor this year with an hour between the final two acts but that does not stop us already looking forward to next year! Feel free to join us if you wish...

As well as the acts on stage it was also amusing watching Anne battle against the cold
adding layer upon layer of clothes as the evening went on.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No real point to this one except it's fun to play with!

Make some nice noises.....BEWARE, it's a bit addictive

Click to play

While I'm here....

....and before the next flood

Here's some more retro entertainment

Bad me

OK.....no real excuse, I've been on 'holiday' for the best part of a week and no posts. No, tell a lie, I've just mopped up a kitchen flood when the sink blocked up and the washing machine (which shares the same pipe through the wall) decided to make it's presence known....it hasn't all been "sun, sand and sex" (this IS Whitley Bay after all!)
Anyway here's a blast from the past, t'internet as I remember it in the old days (and I've never used Times New Roman since, except when forced to!)
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