Sunday, August 27, 2006

Musical interlude

Listen to the ukelele played like you've never heard before (unless you've already seen this video clip of course!)

Where It All Began

Thought the site needed some links to the past so attached is a photo of 21 Park Road, scene of Mother's early life and MO's childhood...must have worried the current residents when this motley crew were seen loitering outside...should we be posting some of the family tree information on here at some point?

Anne's World

Having technical trouble getting Anne linked to the blog but if you scroll down the links at the right hand side you will find she has already made a contribution!!! You can also look forward to further postings from Anne's Autumn Tour

Nights in white satin....tights

How about a family night at the pantomime? Also, a season ticket for the year only costs £32....anyone interested?


Despite rumours to the contrary I have not been abducted and am monitoring the site for rumours of my demise . I like the photo of Lizzie, more of these, though might make our site too popular. How is everyone and is it not about time we got together...when we can catch Chris and Nick at home.


It'll be lovely when it's finished!

This is what I'm going back to on Tuesday, three weeks to the start of term....but will it be finished in time? Watch this space!! By the way, my new office is the plywood box they're building at the end in the top picture

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Need a break?

I've just been watching a hilarious animation so I thought I'd try posting a link to it. It's called Flat Life.Try clicking on the title, with any luck it should work and give you a 10 minute giggle (It's better with sound, but not essential!)

He he he. Liz is gonna kill me!! lets hope she never reads this!! Trying to get my pics from my kodak galley on here but no idea how. Any ideas??



hey peeps, don't know if i have done this right but hello from the lowes. i'm the only one in the house so its just a little hello. the rents are in the lakes (always on their hols) jonny is at work and Liz is currently partying on up at the notting hill carnival. Apparently she had to wear tracksuits and bandanas this year for the comp so can't wait to see the pics!

So i decided to open that 5 litre box of rose and have a little party of my own. (obviously i'm not going to drink it all! i know what you were thinking!!)

So whats everyone been up to? Is this just a place to spread gossip?? lets spread some lies about the people who don't read this!! I heard gran has been abducted by aliens! he he.

x x x

Friday, August 25, 2006

Round at Mogs

This was created after a few glasses of wine at Mogs and so will not make much sense but is also my debut on the who cares...

The First Post we all are then. I wonder if I can make this private, that way we might not shoot to the top of the cult classic top ten....unless we want to of course?
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