Saturday, August 26, 2006


hey peeps, don't know if i have done this right but hello from the lowes. i'm the only one in the house so its just a little hello. the rents are in the lakes (always on their hols) jonny is at work and Liz is currently partying on up at the notting hill carnival. Apparently she had to wear tracksuits and bandanas this year for the comp so can't wait to see the pics!

So i decided to open that 5 litre box of rose and have a little party of my own. (obviously i'm not going to drink it all! i know what you were thinking!!)

So whats everyone been up to? Is this just a place to spread gossip?? lets spread some lies about the people who don't read this!! I heard gran has been abducted by aliens! he he.

x x x

1 comment:

Bex said...

hey, how do we get pics on here??

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