Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finnish Disco Dance class........

Dig out your flares and learn to dance like the Finns (reminds me of every wedding party I've ever been to!)

An alternative for Chris and Nick

Especially for those long winter nights when even the most stalwart members of the Caravan Club do nothing more energetic than rifle through their photograph albums!
PDF of the complete model added to the box files on the right.

This weekend's project......

New restaurant alert

I haven't been yet but I've heard good reports....and the menu looks great (and VERY reasonably priced, main courses range from £4.50 to £7 ish) For those of you who knew it, it's where almonds and Raisins used to be (near the now demolished Central Library/Princes Square area) Open from 11am to 9pm seven days a week.

They say......

" Gospoda is the first Polish restaurant in Newcastle Upon Tyne and in the whole North-East region.Gospoda, which is located in the very centre of the city, is a place with warm atmosphere, delicious, home made food and Polish alcohol. The chef intends to meet the demands of people with even the most sophisticated taste. Everyone will be satisfied with the menu composed by the our chef. With more than ten different sets of dinner courses on the menu (the number will be increasing), it is possible to order meals for breakfast and home made cakes in GOSPODA. For those clients who are not familiar with Polish cuisine, short descriptions and pictures of our dishes have been prepared. A very nice service, good Polish music and reasonable prices of meals and alcohol, are also an unquestionable advantage of Gospoda."

And speaking of honing language skills....

There's a new FREE online 'learn another language' website just launched called Mango that looks worthy of a try. All the usual suspects (French, German, Spanish etc) and a few less obvious (Greek, Mandarin, Japanese) Each course has 100 lessons comprising maybe 70 or so pages each. You'll need your speakers turned on!

New cookery video website

Not many videos yet, but it's new. Also a lot of them are in French, so useful for honing your language skills too. Link to Cookshow

Chocolate cake
(by ChloƩ France)
Difficulty : Easy Recipe for : 10 persons
Preparation : 15 to 30 min
Ingredients :
* 200g of dark chocolate
* 180g of butter
* 200g of sugar (you can put less)
* 6 eggs
* 60g of breadcrumbs
Execution :
Melt chocolate and butter together at low fire. Add the 6 egg yolk and mix it togeteherAdd the 60g of breadcrumbs Then add the sugar Whip up the egg white and add it to the rest of the melangeMix it all and pour it in a baking mould. Now, put it in the oven at 200° for 20 minutes. I put some icing sugar on top of it. It's perfect as a birthday cake.Bon appetit !

Cat casserole

Friday, September 21, 2007

Here's one Ma found.........

No really!!....She read about this in the "Chronic" tonight and rang me to tell me about it. Apparently it's a home-grown affair, an ex Wallsend fireman has done the deed. Check it out here
PS....I'm not sure where they've sourced their graphics, but that's sure as hell not a sight you see on the Metro on a regular basis!!

Amazing artwork.....

Watch the video here
"Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been working for 16 years to create sculptures that move on their own in eerily lifelike ways. Each generation of his "Strandbeests" is subject to the forces of evolution, with successful forms moving forward into new designs. Jansen's vision and long-term commitment to his wooden menagerie is as fascinating to observe as the beasts themselves.
His newest creatures walk without assistance on the beaches of Holland, powered by wind, captured by gossamer wings that flap and pump air into old lemonade bottles that in turn power the creatures' many plastic spindly legs. The walking sculptures look alive as they move, each leg articulating in such a way that the body is steady and level. They even incorporate primitive logic gates that are used to reverse the machine’s direction if it senses dangerous water or loose sand where it might get stuck."

There's a BIT more room at Tynemouth Market. - Watch more free videos

Monday, September 17, 2007

Re last post.....this one's definitely for Richard and Janet!

Can't you just see it in their front room? All it needs is some orange shag pile, a bit of wood panelling and a couple of op-art upholstered bunk beds and they're fixed....not forgetting the hole in the ceiling of course!

Makeover time?

There's the whiff of wet paint at me thinking it was time to break out the paintbrushes at home.......and maybe the sunglasses!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The War of the Worlds

Think I may have already touched on my favourite ever radio drama - "The War of the Worlds" - Orson Welles - early example of the great american public buying into the theory of weapons of mass destruction etc etc.
Repost of the audio feed below....
(hey, I'm going to listen to it again even if you don't!)

powered by ODEO
and today I found a comic book version.....with nice pictures!
Check it out here

Happy Birthday Richard!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Never feel bad when you flick through a fashion mag again...

Just blame it on a spotty geek in a back office with the latest version of Photoshop!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Personalise your own music station. Visit and tell it what sort of music you want to listen to (either by genre or using the starting point of your chosen singer/band)'s easy peasy!

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