Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dehydration blues

rocks pools and steps

I overdid the sun yesterday (I'll not inflict a picture of my pink-and-peeling nose on you, but just to give you a hint, it's nearly the same colour and about as rough as the concrete at the bottom of that picture up there, I'll leave the rest to your imagination!).....and the wine consumed after the sun sank below the yardarm didn't help either, suffice it to say I've got a bit of a sore head this morning. So that one's from yesterday..... I couldn't work out what the 2 guys in black in the foreground were up to, the one at the back had a metal rod that he was using to poke things with....maybe they were council officials checking the outlets from the Table Rocks pool on the left (Whitley Bay's first open air swimming pool, Victorian but now disused, but the local dogs like it!) Next up a couple from this morning's bread run....and there's a couple more on Flickr

3 fishermen

old man and the seaweed


sleepyduck said...

Thank you for resisting the self-portrait :-) These are up to your usual standard!

EzHighway said...

A nice shot of a great looking location, would love the spend the day there polking around with a metal rod. It's nice to still be able to share with you. Take care of yesterdays doings.

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