Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Headless in Tynemouth

anonymous cafe society

high heels
HIGH HEELS (and yes, she walked on tippy-toes even without the shoes!)

Caught the Metro a couple of stops along the line to Tynemouth this morning then walked home along the beach......burnt my nose again.....


impoftheyard said...

I love that top photo. I just commented on it on Flickr when I thought I'd peek and see if you blogged. I also like the tippy toe one. Some women can't easily walk with feet flat on the ground since the tendons have shortened due to perpetual high heels.

It's not the weather for burnt noses here today. It's horribly grey and wet.

Jan said...

Well at least a burnt nose is proof that you've had some sun!

sleepyduck said...

I love 'em both :-)

EzHighway said...

Aaahh, Took me awhile to find the dog. Maybe it's tme for new glasses or my eyes are tuned in for green Tree frogs these days.

What's that guy doing on his knees in the bottom capture, making a sand castle. :-)

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