Friday, August 06, 2010

Mixed bag

living life on the edge

This chick (what a whopper!) was taking it's chances the other night strolling nonchalantly along the road, his/her mother/father was perched on a nearby roof squawking fit to burst and dive bombing cars as they came around the corner.....luckily no lives were lost!

morning regular

I could take a variation on this picture most mornings.....this fishing boat, the Stacey E, does a regular-as-clockwork sail-by around about 10 o' marks from me for colour coordination!

man and dog

.....just a random chap with a dog on the beach.


Haven't tried this game yet, but it sounds like a good stress buster, y'know, like after a Virgin train journey.....

"Virgin Trains have built a fantastic Street View zombie killing game to promote train travel in the UK.

In the game you have to follow directions in Street View to your nearest train station. But watch out for those zombies because just as you think your journey is going OK hordes of the living dead suddenly appear.

When this happens you have to grab your ticket machine and blast the zombies to kingdom come. As every zombie killer knows, just as werewolves can only be killed with silver bullets, zombies can only be killed by train tickets."

Play Don't go Zombie...go Virgin


I've only had time to watch the first 10 minutes so far....but it looks good!

"Reporter Martin Young follows the fortunes of a group of Glaswegian holidaymakers as they spend their annual Glasgow Fair holiday in the seaside resort of Whitley Bay, Tyneside, during the blistering July of 1976. There's crazy golf and a trawl around the arcades, followed by a drink at the club and a snooze on the beach. Refreshments of cheese rolls and drinks from a thermos flask complete the picture."

Watch it here on the BBC website

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sleepyduck said...

Big bird, nice boat, cool shot of man with dog :-) I must watch the vid when I get a chance.

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