Monday, August 02, 2010

To the North

into the wild

lower prom, whitley bay

Today was my first 'officially retired, no longer on the payroll' Monday, up until now I've just been on holiday.......haven't worked out a new regime yet.....therefore I've done sod all but written lots of lists and made zero decisions.....except maybe to take full advantage of the 3 months left to run on the all-zones metro travel pass!



Jan said...

My list-making habit has calmed down no end since I left work and, amazingly, I don't miss it!

impoftheyard said...

I hope you enjoy! Why not put a wee trip to Scotland on your list and we could get together again?

The song made me laugh. I must update the link to your blog on my blog... but I can't be bothered doing it this evening... How lazy is that? Now for a cuppa...

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