Saturday, August 14, 2010

Too many cooks.....

too many cooks?
....don't necessarily spoil the broth. Quickie from last night's family get together to celebrate niece Lizzie's marriage in South Africa today....the stay-at-home's had a great time! (my fuzzy head tells me so....)


impoftheyard said...

I saw this shot on Flickr and I liked it. Glad it was fun too.

One side-effect of your retirement is that we get more of you. This is great! :-)

Today's verification word is a good one:- froqolop. Possibly a frog in a dress going fast?

gilliebg said...

Too many cooks means too much food and that can't be bad. Really evocative of any family gathering pulling together for a good time.

Jan said...

I like your kitchen, plenty of room!

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