Wednesday, August 18, 2010

But did he jump?

Sadly not....because that really WOULD have been a good one! (but, hey, I was ready and waiting.......)
Then there was this comedy duo who, I have to say, displayed a few interesting fishing techniques......

interesting technique


I stayed up way too late last night playing this......

"Things could not be easier: you have to herd all of the identical stones into clusters, at which point they will flip over with the uniform efficiency of a Mexican Wave. The trick is getting them together. A stone is flicked into a direction and it will perpetually travel until it hits a boundary or obstacle. A board with one or two stone types is relatively easy to crack, but when the game starts to hit four it gets tricky. Every board is shaped differently, both on its boundaries and inside, making the shuffling a more deliberate endeavour. You have to maneuver a stone around bends, past other stones and into its own group. but once a set of stones has flipped, none of them can be moved. So you have to keep your end game in mind and not accidentally corner a stone beyond redemption."
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sleepyduck said...

I wish he had jumped... Love the comedy duo :-)

impoftheyard said...

Was the dog ok? Love both of these.

EzHighway said...

I love your Ocean front captures, well that's because I love everything about the ocean, smell, sounds, seafood and sights. Dam I wish that fellow had jumped. I hope the little doggy made it home ok!

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