Friday, July 02, 2010

The deed is done!

This one's from last night, really threatening skies over the North Sea but bright sunshine on the coast....dramatic stuff! I had to go up to town today to hand in my 'acceptance letter' to the HR department (didn't quite trust it to the postal system!) and I nearly melted, it was stifling even though there was a thing I definitely WON'T miss is shopping in town in the summer!


"UNphotographable is a catalog of exceptional mistakes. Photos never taken that weren't meant to be forgotten. Opportunities missed. Simple failures. Occasions when I wished I'd taken the picture, or not forgotten the camera, or had been brave enough to click the shutter."

The Mating Rituals of the Water Shrew.....animated in slo-mo (and very, very funny!)

Link: Our Wonderful Nature


Jon Storey said...


Welcome to the idle classes, more time for photographs and blogs!

Like the shot of Old Eldon Square, there is a great camera repair place just behind those chairs, and I have my botox topped up at a place beside where the girl is walking!

Jon Storey said...

PS, Don't forget to stay in bed monday morning, set your alarm!

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