Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rampant ant

Ants in the garden before breakfast.....I only took a couple of pics today, I was using the 'old' camera, I think I like it better for macro shots somehow.....

Busy old day.....the boy-in-the-attic and I filled a full-sized skip before lunch, the house is now 3 sofas lighter (chopped and diced to take up less space) and there's an almost empty shed in the back yard, not to mention all the other crap we filled all the spaces with. It's still just scratching the surface though.....that skip will be the first of many I'm thinking!


"The world of an ant is a scary, dangerous place. All you want to do is get home to the safety of the anthill, but there are a multitude of dangers out there; ravenous predators, impossible chasms, careless humans, and a whole host of other dangers for a single member of the family formicidae who only wants to go home."

Play Hormiga (online point and click)

The National Archives goes to the movies podcast (on the sidebar, just click on the title to play) is an entertaining listen!

1 comment:

Jon Storey said...

The little critters are up to their old ant-ics again! Nice shot. Happiness is a full skip.....!

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