Sunday, July 18, 2010

(almost) random image

4 lifeguards afternoon of housework for me (but on the upside it's possibly the last Sunday before a Monday at work.....well, maybe, ever!) Now there's a thought to conjure with........


Martin Wilson says.....
"My pictures are painstakingly created frame by frame on 35mm film. I get the whole film developed, scan it, then piece the final image together on the computer, making a large contact sheet. It's only when the completed film strips are laid out side by side in the contact sheets that the final image appear.

Each work usually takes months to complete, as each frame is obsessively taken in sequence. No pasting together after the event, no cheating in Photoshop! If I make a mistake or take a frame out of place I start the film again from the beginning"

Worth a click to check out his's impressive!


Jon Storey said...

What a pleasant afternoon thought!

Love the shot too. Does Martin Wilson suffer from OCD! Interesting, dedicated stuff.

alexander j blair said...

Now this is my kind of obsessive!

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