Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Suggested menu for Lent...circa 1660

No, not just one choice from each course, you're supposed to do the lot at one sitting! (Fasting??)From "The Accomplisht Cook, The Art and Mystery of Cookery" by Robert May, published 1660. I'm probably dancing on dodgy ground posting the image above without clearing it first, it's part of a complete scan I downloaded from....no, best not to say! Once I've worked out what skirrets, joles and oyster chewets are....I promise you'll be the first to know!

LATER....I've been going through some of the other (500 or so) pages of recipes, and it's all good stuff......no quantities, but lots of inspiration. "Sippets" appear frequently....apparently they're "a small piece of toast or bread soaked in gravy or other liquid or used as a garnish".....but sadly, no update on skirrets so far. Oh, and most recipes (meat, veg etc) seem to call for a liberal coating of shaved sugar, roasted currants and cinnamon at the serving stage......there's no evidence of a historical sweet course, so maybe it's understandable!

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