Saturday, February 23, 2008

Arcadia is just around the corner

"The Arcade of shops on the right of Whitley Road was built in 1893 by Alfred Styan, know as Arcadia its glass canopies and iron work were removed at a later date. Behind Arcadia is the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at the top of Victoria Avenue it was completed in 1889 and destroyed by a bomb in August 1940 a health centre now occupies the site."
Can't remember where I found the above.....apologies to the original writer!

So, what I found interesting about the above picture?......What on earth IS that cherry-topped cupcake feature in the distance? (I suspect a bit of victorian photoshopping, turning trees into something a bit more substantial!)

LATER.....very blurry phone pic of approximately the same view.....

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