Thursday, February 28, 2008

A modern take on a sliding puzzle game

Apparently it takes some time to load....I only tried the opening level.

From Jayisgames

...... A "game set in a mysterious mansion with rooms that move and that contain magical items to help you make your way through. Using both mouse and keyboard, use the items you find and slide the rooms into the correct configuration to make your escape."

...."a clever mix of point-and-click and puzzle elements that together create an engaging game play experience"

"The arrow keys on the keyboard are used to navigate your in-game avatar through each room, up and down ladders, and through doors. Use the mouse to click on items to activate or to pick them up. Once picked up, press and hold the mouse button on the avatar to bring up an inventory select control. To physically move the room you are currently in, press and hold the mouse button anywhere on the room itself to bring up a room navigation control, and then select the desired direction. Along the way you will find newspapers lying about. These contain helpful information about new elements of the game being introduced, so it's a good idea to take a look once you pick them up."

Play it here

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