Thursday, February 07, 2008

A bit more Spanish City stuff

Now I didn't know what this type of novelty ("everyone of a certain age must have one of these on the sideboard......because I obviously have") photograph was called until today.....apparently they're "head props" (well, in the US at least.....lots more examples of the genre here at Swapatorium) But this is a home-grown effort, taken at a photo booth at the Spanish City in the very early 70's. I remember we got a choice of "scenes" (hand-painted by the cravat-wearing photographer's sister) then we poked our heads through holes in the canvas and, with a blinding flash, the deed was done ("call back in an hour to collect your print"). I think it cost 7/6....that's about 35p in "new money". Oh yes, we made our own entertainment in those days.....we probably went home afterwards and had nice cup of tea, some buttered crumpets and a singsong round the piano!

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