Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dunstanburgh Castle.....a sound portrait

From the BBC Radio4 website....."Wildlife sound recordist Chris Watson's evocative and powerful sound portrait of Dunstanburgh Castle in Northumberland." Listen here
Personal note....I remember (not one of my best decisions....given my tendency for vertigo) climbing the spiral staircase on the right of the gatehouse once to take in the (probably!) stunning view. I had to come down step by step, on my backside, with my eyes shut and breathing heavily....not very dignified!


Lizzie said...

Remember the midnight hike? the crab sandwiches in the pub at Craster, climbing the gates, telling ghost stories in the oven, a barbie on the beach at ?Embleton? 3am pouring with rain, the next week getting severely told off at school....?

mo said...

Oh yes!....didn't we even take some 'teachers' with us? And I'm wracking my brains to remember where we went for that winter walk in the Cheviots...I'm sure my Ma has some pictures that I took. There's one of you "nursing" a cup of tea in a tin mug at high altitude. Was it Cushat Law....or am I just making that up?

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