Monday, November 30, 2009

Wet Monday

Well at least that's Monday nearly out of the way.....bleak weather with sleety showers and a really cold wind. Went out at lunchtime (got wet twice) and had to fight my way through the Xmas shoppers bristling with bags and umbrellas, rather wish I hadn't bothered to be honest. Tell you what, I was really glad to get home, put the kettle on and turn the heating up a notch tonight. Ho hum, onwards and upwards!


sleepyduck said...

Don'tcha love winter? No? Me neither.

impoftheyard said...

It looked so nice here today but I didn't venture out. Wouldn't mind hibernating for winter - would save on heating bills and laundry too... My word that I have to type to post my comment is beddisq... Somehow it seems like a garbled hibernation type word to me... I'm off to bed. Sadly I will have to get up before the winter is over. Sleep well.

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