Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fag break friends

Now I don't usually do straight-on, 'say-cheese-for-the-camera', portrait shots.....but I like this one for their lovely, smiley eyes! On the left we have N (one of the grounds staff who keep all the the green bits on campus in order and looking good), and on the right is P (an Ozzie project manager from the Estates Dept with a penchant for small cigars)


You can read the stories behind iconic images at Iconic Photos, it's only been going a few months but there's some gems. Worth a click.

The Beatles Never Broke Up......apparently!
(listen online or zip download available)

And finally some 'point-and-clicky' action.....

You can play the free demo levels of Machinarium here ( from the makers of Samarost 1 and 2) Wonderful graphics as ever!


sleepyduck said...

Fag break friends are good. Going to check out your links now :-)

impoftheyard said...

This is a really lovely portrait. You're right about there never being anything on telly. I kind of live in hope though.

chaiselongue said...

It looks as though having to go outisde for a fag on a cold day has made them surprisingly happy! Just off to relive my youth and listen to the Beatles.

Jon Storey said...

Really nice shot, though the weather at the moment will probably drive them both to give up fags.

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