Monday, November 23, 2009

From Normandy

From Normandy, originally uploaded by moclaydon.

The continental Christmas market opened today in Newcastle (it lasts a fortnight) and the open-air food stalls were doing a roaring trade when I came home from work....everything from german sausages (may give them a miss till next week, still suffering from a pork overload after Berlin!) to paella, belgian doughnuts and waffles to kangaroo burgers and crocodile steaks (OK, so maybe not exactly european.....but we push boundaries in the North!)

I realised too late that I'd missed a trick last night when I posted the 'Taxi' fact I forgot why I'd taken it in the first place. It was all down to a dreadful pun and an excuse to post a  vintage video. I'll post the video and leave you to work out the tenuous connections! (think alternatives for taxi!)


sleepyduck said...

You passed on the sausages? How could you?

Great vid, terrible pun...

Jon Storey said...

Kangaroo burgers and croc. steaks? That's continental enough for us northerners!!

Where is the market being held? I might try and go.

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