Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Christmas market

More Christmas market, originally uploaded by moclaydon.
Just woken up.....I had one of those mandatory 'Equality and Diversity' session/workshops this afternoon, a 'tick the boxes, everyone has to do it' affairs that somehow leaves you with more questions after than before, but with a deep, underlying  feeling that common sense went out of the window some time ago. But back to reality....this was the market just before I bolted down into the metro station at home time.


............I think I want to be a beatnik!


impoftheyard said...

I like your Christmas market image. I think I may want to be a beatnik too. Great glossary.

sleepyduck said...

Can I be a beatnik too, please?

Jon Storey said...

What on earth is Equality and Diversity? Apart from a waste of time and money?

Love the picture, I must get down there.

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