Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Confronting double demons

monochrome xmas lights, originally uploaded by moclaydon.
As in 'night shot' and 'b&w', both of which scare me. Given my complete lack of camera knowledge and a definitely shaky hand, it's always going to be a case of making a synthetic silk purse out of a sow's ear.....but seeing as the dark nights are drawing in I'll give it an occasional go. Actually took this one last night.....but it was better than tonight's attempts!


Crappy Cat.....one of those interactive/not quite a game/but definitely a timewaster thingies (hint: Crappy Cat likes booze!)

Only click here if you think you might take an infantile delight in adorning that smug face with a silly moustache....Tuesday's are sometimes like that I find


Jon Storey said...

Phew you had me worried, I saw the thumbnail and I thought that you had given up cigarettes and the drink!!

Scary stuff, black and white, it doesn't seem that long since that is all we had! Nice shot, that's Northumberland Street isn't it?

impoftheyard said...

It's now Wednesday and my plans for the day are playing with those moustaches.

I love your black and white shot.

sleepyduck said...

It's a super shot :-) B&W but still recognisably you - and that's a good thing!

Happy Wednesday!

b1tchesbru said...

I like the shot too. I love the way everybody seems to be going somewhere - but ignoring the shops! Brill!

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