Thursday, October 01, 2009

Watching the traffic rant follows!
Minor victory for the 'little man' (read student) to report tonight. Out of the blue at the start of the week a huge hike in student printing/plotting costs was announced (more than a 300% rise, all down to 'central services', nothing we could do about it apparently) So I did a bit of number crunching yesterday to work out how 'they' could justify it.....the short answer being they couldn't, no way! The crunched figures went to a meeting this morning and returned victorious.....I took huge pleasure in going round our labs to rip down the posters 'they' had plastered on the walls, strangely satisfying somehow, must get a life!

Still feeling 'under the weather' but soldiering on (sigh), the boy-in-the-attic however has the full-blown version and is wandering round in a dispeputable dressing gown with wads of tissue stuffed up his nose....not a pretty sight!

Family History stuff.....
Apparently 'the family' has a bit of  'Living in the Workhouse' experience (drinking and gambling!), luckily there's a website to document our wild and wanton ways

But now I'm off down to Jollity Farm, stoked up with a couple of Lemsips......


sleepyduck said...

Good rant! Good shot! I hope you feel better for the weekend.

impoftheyard said...

I love your picture today and I'll go read up about the workhouse later. The site looks interesting. Get well soon and chill this weekend.

b1tchesbru said...

Don't you just love the way these arbitrary "theys" seem to manage to get away with bloody murder. Well done you for stopping them in their tracks. "They" are bleeding the student community dry to fund high profile (usually meaning life sciences, business development oriented)research.

Most annoying thing is though, these guys are just following government directives - so much for academic freedom!

Anyway, rant 2 over!

Smashing image and I do hope you are feeling better soon.

Jan said...

"they" have a lot to answer for, one way and another!

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