Monday, October 12, 2009

Accidents and incidents


First an accidental shot taken while walking along a corridor....don't know why, but I like it! It sort of illustrates the day too, all just a bit of a blur. Bit of a disaster yesterday...the internet died on me, no idea why but it's back up-and-running again, sometimes it's just best not to ask....
Then this afternoon we had a bomb threat and were evacuated/herded to to the Uni Library Quad (it's SUCH a good idea to keep all the prospective targets together in a bunch I think!)


Conspiracy theories abound, was it the Students Union trying to boost lunchtime sales (if so it worked, it was heaving in there!) or was it an exercise testing the emergency services because of a certain minor royal who recently started at 'the other university' across the road (if they'd done it there it would have hit the headlines)....the court's still out!

Oh well, at least that's Monday out of the way!

PS.....should maybe have added this. Remember like Bert!!


sleepyduck said...

I like your blurry shot :-) I'm also very pleased to hear that your internet is feeling better and you survived the bomb scare...

Not long till the weekend (he said, with some desperation...)

Jon Storey said...

It's a wonder you weren't arrested for taking pictures at the scene!

Like the first shot too.

impoftheyard said...

I remember that wee duck and cover song! I like your blurry photo. I remember once many years ago being on a bus in Glasgow when someone shot at it. The driver radioed in and was told to get all the passengers off and go to the garage. We were left in the open in front of a field and directly opposite the building where the gun was fired. Thankfully it was someone who only liked taking potshots at buses and not people in the street!

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