Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Low-res rubber soles

And speaking of resolution, I really must start uploading more pictures to Flickr and linking, rather than doing a low-res version to upload to blogger (old habit from when it was just the frivolous links and when there was an upper limit on total blog size....maybe there still is?) Re the shot: Like the shoes, not convinced by the dropped-crotch trousers!

Busy day on the cards tomorrow....we have an 'accreditation visit' where visiting academics (usually from competing-in-the-same-field institutions) and miscellaneous crusty worthies (wearing regulation corduroy jackets with leather elbow patches) decide whether one of our courses delivers what it says on the tin. Luckily most of what I had to do is already done, but I'm down for the 'tour of facilities' which is going to involve a slightly smarter pair of trousers (currently in the wash) and a 'bright-eyed and bushy-tailed' mindset....the latter might be a bit more challenging!

Nice video (it's from embed code never seems to work for me, I'm probably doing something wrong!)

Link to Way of the Mantis


b1tchesbru said...

Love the video. An awful lot of work went into that I think! No idea about limits on blogs so can't help you there. Guess I should try and find out as well! Hope tomorrow goes well.

impoftheyard said...

Great image and I loved the video too. I suspect there are still limits on the blog and that's where it probably helps to link to Flickr as they host the images. Sleepyduck uses the Flickr facility where he blogs straight from Flickr and clicking on a picture will take you to it on Flickr. I prefer to creat a link to the large size picture using the blog link facility. Good luck with accreditation

sleepyduck said...

Fine footwear! Good luck with the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bit :-)

I think I did see somewhere that there's a limit on the picture capacity if you load them straight to your blog. The Flickr thing is great :-)

chaiselongue said...

I think there is a limit on blog size and I always use low-resolution images on mine, but then they're just gardening and food, not photography blogs. I worry though about uploading high-resolution images without watermarking in case someone takes them ... does this happen on Flickr? I've only just started using Flickr and am still uploading low-res images because of this worry.

Jan said...

There is definitely a limit on your blog for directly uploaded images. I think I'm about halfway there, but will cross that bridge when I get there. I think it tells you on the upload page, at the bottom. Dropped-crotch trousers - horrid!

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