Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Half day

Taken on the way out of the (work) front door at lunchtime.....y'know I love them but I love to leave them!

Christmas Cake update....the deed is done, 2 boozy whoppers currently cooling/sobering up on the kitchen bench, they smell rather nice!!

Other stuff

The British Library has a wealth of audio goodies online here
Just a's an extract from a 'Linguaphone' recording, 'English Conversation' from 1929 (and by the way the customer in the tobacconists shop just happens to be J R R Tolkein.......yes, that would be that J R R Tolkein!)

Tonight's contender for 'classic crap film experience' has to be........

.....available for download (in 12 edge-of-your-cinema-seat-buttock-clenching-episodes) at Archive Classic Movies


sleepyduck said...

Cool shot, as always :-)

impoftheyard said...

Great shot and collection. Love the tobacconist recording! I love old tobacconist shops even though I don't smoke any more.

Am off to download Radar Men...

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