Friday, May 28, 2010

Skool's out for summer!

Skool's out for summer!, originally uploaded by moclaydon.

Busy old week, it was the last week of term and the 'Interdisciplinary Project' for a lot of our 2nd years.....this was some of them after their final presentations, still looking smart (they're expected to dress for the part) and very, very relieved it's all was I! I've cracked open a celebratory bottle....and I'm guessing they'll be well on their way to alcoholic oblivion at the student union drinkathon by now.....happy days!


Jon Storey said...

You survived!

Well done....!!!

I hovered furtively near the university for several hours yesterday hoping for a "pap" shot of you, but just had to make do with some shots of buildings instead......

Jan said...

I can't believe that they're breaking up already!

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