Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's a long way down

It's a long way down, originally uploaded by moclaydon.
This could maybe be my last site it was the roof spaces of Durham Cathedral, it's one of those annual affairs......but I'm thinking VERY seriously about an early retirement deal currently on the cards, while all the time trying hard not to build my hopes up in case it doesn't happen!


chaiselongue said...

This is even scarier than the photo you put on 'the other site'! I like the hands along the edge, all hanging on. Fingers crossed that your deal will work out as you want it to. I unfortunately omitted having the right kind of career for any sort of deal, so I still have to work freelance, but Lo Jardinièr hasn't had a moment's regret since he took early retirement 4 years ago.

impoftheyard said...

This is a great shot. Got everything crossed for you for early retirement deal.

sleepyduck said...

Feeling vertiginous... Good luck with the deal.

Jan said...

Fingers crossed for the deal. Love the angle of the photo!

Jon Storey said...

Durham Cathedral has to be my favourite building in the UK.

When I was at college in Durham all those years ago I spent far too much of my lecture time skiving in the Cathedral. I am not in the least religious, I just love the architecture and atmosphere.

Early retirement sounds good, though I have to say that my 'sick leave' is becoming a bit tedious after two years. Hopefully I will be fit again in time to retire officially!

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