Thursday, May 06, 2010

It looks like how I feel....

sanctuary, originally uploaded by moclaydon.
....a bit green and tarnished, definitely battered and feeling it's age......had a stormer of a headache this morning but I'm on the mend, just feeling a bit 'vacant' with the aftermath of the megadeath pain-killers. This is another one from yesterday, it's the Sanctuary Knocker on the front door of Durham Cathedral (there's a few more on Flickr)


A historical timewaster a la bayeux tapestry, create a multiframe story using a library of drag-and-drop embroidered 'bits' (no needlework skills required!) and amaze your friends with your kept me occupied for a good 10 minutes!
Link to the Historic Tale Construction Kit


Jon Storey said...

That's just how I felt this time last week.

I wonder? If we grasp the knocker, can we claim sanctuary from our ills?

Jan said...

A grand knocker! It looks a lot like some of those we get here.

impoftheyard said...

That knocker may be tarnished but it is lovely!

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