Sunday, May 16, 2010

Knotty problem

Knotty problem, originally uploaded by moclaydon.
I got the 'estimate' through for the early retirement deal on Friday so today it's decision I sign on the dotted line to be considered or not? Now I've seen the figures in black and white it looks do-able, in fact quite attractive.....there's also a let-out clause in that I can say 'no thanks, changed my mind, so call me fickle' up until when and if I'm offered it. But there's the fact that if I DO sign I've actually already made my mind up I want to go and I'll be REALLY miffed if they don't make the I said, knotty problem! Musical interlude..........


Jan said...

But if you don't sign, does that mean you have no option but to go until normal retirement age?

Jon Storey said...

Hmm, difficult. Jan has a point.

Love the shot, very appropriate!

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