Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reinventing the city's been a long time....maybe I should have named this post Reinventing wor::site! Expect more pictures but a lot of the same old silly links....see how it goes eh?
By the way the REAL Reinventing the City looks good, it runs from 19th September to 11th October....
"Reinventing the City explores Tyneside’s re-imagination of itself through 200 years of industrial and post-industrial change.
Tyneside has been at the forefront of change and over the years artists have criticised, promoted and documented the process. The story is mirrored across the world, but the streets of NewcastleGateshead told it first and still tell it best.
Discover the art and architecture, the characters, the visions and the plans that made Tyneside what it is today. Through a series of events, tours, debates and exhibitions, Reinventing the City will question the reshaping of Tyneside, from the founding of the Lit & Phil in the late 1700’s to the NewcastleGateshead we see around us in 2009."
Brochure available for download here

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impoftheyard said...

Like the selective colour in this shot.

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