Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The start of the surveying season....

....and a reason for personal celebration, a new academic year's worth of FREE, partly-charged (but definitely still usable) high-powered batteries ends up on my desk looking for a good home. That 'total station' in action up there only works with a set of 6 brand-new AA batteries, they get ditched after a single outing.....'waste not want not' I say!

Currently feeling 'a bit crap', the weekend's niggly sore throat is building up into something possibly worse....plus I'm in on my own at work (my left-hand man is on leave) so I haven't had a lunchtime so far this week. Although tomorrow I'm apparently 'on a promise' for a bit of cover, time unspecified, but not holding my breath!

A couple of silly links....

One of those point-and-click games, currently up to Episode 3
"You play the role of Kara, a spy in an alternate reality where World War I begins in 1901 and technology is much more advanced. Physicist Karl von Toten is on the verge of a great discovery and it's your task to uncover his secrets."
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
(NB...Episode 2 doesn't seem to have a 'play online' option.....but you can download the game to play offline)

Today's music choice
Shantel & Amsterdam Klezmer Band & Bucovina Club Orchester


Jan said...

Eating sarnies at your desk isn't really a break is it? Good luck with some cover for tomorrow.

impoftheyard said...

Eating food at my desk was all the break I ever got in my last job. I can vouch that it's not good for you. Take care and get well soon. I think many of us have a vague lurgy at the moment.

impoftheyard said...

PS I'll come back and check out the game once I've got my interview out of the way ;-)

sleepyduck said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit crap... so am I... Take care :-)

dogenzenji said...

think I have a similar bug - tired and grumpy. More sleep required for me :-)

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