Saturday, May 03, 2008

The return of the Tyneside Cinema

After a long holiday in Gateshead during refurbishment, the Tyneside Cinema re-opens it's doors for business on 22nd May. It opened as the ‘Bijou News-Reel Cinema’ on 1st February 1937, and is now the last news-reel cinema in Britain. Read more about it's history and resurrection to glory here, and there's a photogallery here at the BBC website. I'm hoping they've restored/retained the Tea Rooms menu, when the kids were tots it was the only place I knew where you could get soft-boiled eggs WITH TOAST SOLDIERS! Oh, and there's details of a celebratory free outdoor screening here if you fancy doing a bit of Dirty Dancing over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend here. I'll drone on about the, now sadly missed, Silk Shop next door some other time!

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