Monday, May 12, 2008

Currently listening to.....

....John Peel's final 'Perfumed Garden' broadcast on (pirate) Radio London, 1967. It's a five and a half hour time capsule of the music of the day and, confession, I downloaded it via Pirate Bay (no doubt illegally, but then so was Radio London at the time, so somehow it felt a perfectly fair and reasonable thing to do!) The best of both worlds, you get the authentic, crackly, inter-track, deadpan chat and vintage ads but with remastered music could be a late night!

More vintage Peel goodness can be found at

Oh, and don't miss the BBC tribute site where you can hear more about the joys of pet sniffing or watch (a rather blurry, low-res) "Home Truths, The Movie"

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