Monday, April 21, 2008

Not in front of the children....

This post is prompted by reading an article in the Whitley Bay NewsGuardian, (Mortimer at Large) last weekend "Uncle Mac, the runaway train and all those bogus sofas exposed" In this erudite piece Mortimer bares his soul, reveals his childhood fears and debunks the received wisdom that a generation of children spent every early episode of Dr Who huddled behind the nation's sofas, whimpering. OK, so I can go along with most of his argument, but how on earth could he forget to mention Sparky's Magic Piano in his list of "most feared"....I can only presume he's blocked it out.
So, in an attempt to quell my inner demons (because it scared the shit out of me!) I've searched the soundtrack out......prepare to be very, very scared

PS....There's lots more 'tracks to scare the children with' salted away on time it could be 'Tubby the Tuba' or 'Itsy bitsy, tweeny weeny, yellow polkadot bikini' that comes to haunt your dreams!

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