Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lunchtime sortie

....is the temporary home of the Newcastle Local Studies Centre (previously housed at the now demolished Central Library....check out progress on the rebuild webcam here) Wasn't looking for anything particular, just to find out what they had. Here's an hours worth.....

A quick search of the (delightfully tactile) card index for "Haltwhistle" came up with "The Official Guide to Haltwhistle distributed by the Haltwhistle Rural District Council, 1951", it being the year I was born I just had to ask one of the very helpful ladies on the desk to dig it out from the archives for me.....lots of adverts, front and back.....there were some memorable taglines....

"Haltwhistle, The Home of Kilfrost"
Arthur F Graham
"Tinned Goods in Large Variety"
J Wear Elliott
"Cylinders Rebored on the Premises - by the Latest Appliances"
T & A Hannah
"Our Bread Deserves a Trial"
W Thompson & Son
"Stockings Knit to Order.....and Refooted"

And under the heading "Shops" was this....
"Haltwhistle has a busy shopping centre which is made up of a large variety of shops and stores including branches of some of the large multiple stores. All household, personal and general needs may be obtained in the town and the quality and variety of the goods displayed attracts shoppers from a large surrounding area"......so there!

Anyway.....think I'll be spending some more lunchtimes down in the depths!!

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