Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back on dry(ish) land

OK, so the skies weren't QUITE so blue, but it was still a great trip....DFDS did us proud! Both crossings were comparatively calm, the food excellent and in huge quantities, as much alcohol as you could stomach (it was an all-inclusive deal), beds/cabins comfortable and everything organised with military, sorry, naval precision. Our time in Amsterdam was enough for a sightseeing tour, a trip to the floating flower market to buy spring bulbs (which I'll plant as soon as it stops bloody raining!) and half a dozen cacti (now THEY were fun to transport back!), some leisurely shopping (for traditional tourist tat and 'foreign' cooking ingredients!) and several cups of coffee. We saw the New Year in offshore from Great Yarmouth apparently. Would I do it again?.....Definitely!
Link to DFDS website

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