Friday, January 18, 2008

Advance warning

Sarah gave me a vintage book for Christmas....."Personality Unlimited...The Beauty Blue Book...Veronica Dengel"...published shortly post WW2. Here's the stirring UK foreword as a taster....

"To the Women of Great Britain and the Empire

I realize that my book may see publication before all the effects of the war have passed. It is quite possible that many of my suggestions concerning diet, cosmetics, and clothing, may temporarily prove impractical, and be subject to substitutions, because of post-war shortages.

But I have such confidence in the ingenuity and resourcefulness of English women, as well as the recuperative powers of the British Empire, that I believe you will soon be able to take advantage of every helpful detail.

I hope that before many months I shall be able to visit your country and talk with you personally."

......I wonder whether Veronica made it!

Watch out for instructions for a home enema coming soon to this page......with diagrams!

(in the meantime, remember.....and this is very VERY important ladies...."it is dangerous to rely on a red hat for a youthful, dashing look; it might result in emphasizing your age and adding an unwanted 'giddiness' to your appearance", you've been warned!)

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