Sunday, January 13, 2008

A mission statement and a half!

I couldn't resist downloading this book from It turned out to to be a bit of a disappointment except for it's stirring 'mission statement', here's just an extract!

"We are anxious to render elegant amusements conducive to the attainment of moral ends; and to lay that foundation of intellectual superiority, and affectionate regard, for the comfort and happiness of others, which can alone give light and animation, sweetness and blooming freshness, to the interesting scenes of future life. All engagements, which are calculated to elevate, soften, and harmonize the human character, have this tendency ; and it is in the assured conviction that the employments here treated of, are, when cultivated in due subordination to higher duties, well adapted to secure these objects, and to promote these domestic ends, that the Ladies' Work-Table Book has been prepared, and is now presented
to the lovely daughters of our land."

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