Thursday, June 07, 2007

Expect some strange test postings......

....but I promise I'll try to make them tasteful! "But for why" I hear you ask...well, it looks as if I might be doing the Berlin fieldtrip again this year. My mission this time (alarmingly there was no mention of whether I wanted to accept it or not, the cassette player just blew up in my face) will be to get the students to produce 'attractive and informative' group websites including pictures, video and audio while only using free software/host sites etc (keep in mind this will be on the last day of a footslogging weeks visit.....we covered effing miles last year!) in some friendly, local unversity computer lab where all the software menus are presumably in german which by the way I don't speak....tell you what, that's no mean task when the boys and girls would really rather be out shopping and drinking (come to think of it, I'D rather be out shopping and drinking, so I need to keep it simple!) This is by way of some preliminary research in case they want to put up some dirty jokes or undercover late-night recordings of salacious gossip in the hotel bar.

The following is neither a dirty joke nor salacious gossip, it's some wistful oriental music.....I hope!
You may need to click twice on the play button....I always have to

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