Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hot news

It's official.....Sarah is possibly the new Quentin Blake. She's been hired by the BBC to illustrate 'Laura's Diaries' (Radio 1 cult classic, I hadn't heard of it either!). Just imagine, being paid to doodle......sample of her winning submission above. Somehow, the scribbles on her bedroom wall now seem worthwhile!


john said...

Congratulations yet more talent in the family...and just think we knew her before she was famous!!!

By the way I am sure I have been to meetings that have ended up in similar scrawlings on the pad in front of me?

Sounds like a cause for family celebration..any ideas?

mo said...

Ma's just got another cheque in the post....have suggested beano at Bays Bistro sometime soon. Work on it people, she never reads this!! (though a frenzied denial from the woman in question would be nice!)

Chris said...

Well done Sarah! Thank goodness there is at least one talent gene floating around in the Armstrong DNA. Can our family borrow it at some point?

john said...

Would be good to get Bays Bistro in before the Christmas menus start...will mention on Sunday

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