Saturday, September 30, 2006

Anne's on the zimmer frame trail again.....

Tepid news....Anne and John are in Peterbrough this weekend....Granite-jawed Essex Man has emerged once more from the primeval slime to wow yet another ageing female audience and we're on a promise for a scintillating post-concert report from at least one of the watch this space, if you can bear the excitement!
(ps I looked the man up on Wikipedia...just out of interest and in the vague hope I'd find something in the scurrilous gossip line, but the first sentence says 'David Essex failed in his first attempts at stardom.' hey, enough said, I read no more!) Here's the man himself with his best buddy....I guess he can't afford to be too picky these days, he'll be doing talks on jam-making for the Whitley Bay Townswomens Guild next!

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