Monday, September 04, 2006

Heritage Open Days this weekend

Did you know it's Heritage Open Days Weekend this week? You can find out what's on at the various open-to-visit venues via the local homepage, search for the areas you're interested in visiting. Now me, I think I may check out the Dove Marine Laboratory on Sunday the 10th (apparently this is a picture of it above, though presumably some time ago...check out Lurch with the white hair, beard and gloves glaring at the fountain!....see here for source) I've lived here for 45 years and never made it yet, so maybe this year. The bad news, the Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle isn't participating this time, so no wandering dark subterranean passages....suspect it has something to do with the major building works that effing Northumbria Uni (but I didn't say that....they pay the bills!) is undertaking on both sides of the urban motorway.


sarahjane said...

hello everyone, i have eventualy signed up for the family newsletter, not got much to report. how do i add pictures?

mo said...

I'll ring you tonight to talk you through it

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