Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday already

Not sure where Saturday went to!

I'm not a huge fan of's neither nowt nor summat if you know what I mean, with winter hanging on by it's fingernails and spring not quite on the horizon. Plus, I've got sciatica so I'm feeling a bit grumpy (that would be an undestatement!) Having said that it was lovely down on the seafront this morning, still damned chilly though!


Came across this site on Friday that looks like it might be fun for all you photographers out there.... "Noticings are interesting things that you stumble across when out and about. You play Noticings by uploading your photos to Flickr, tagged with 'noticings' and geotagged with where they were taken. Each turn is a day, and at 3pm GMT every day photos from the previous day are imported from Flickr and the scores calculated. Noticings aren't very transient things, like people, and you should only take one photo of each thing you spot."
Link to noticings

Another photography-based link for snappers on the move. I loved this because it's such a simple idea that actually works, a light tent made from 3 sheets of paper and some paper clips......

Find the instructions here

Then there's this online drawing application that runs in any browser.....really quite impressive, shame I can't draw!

Link to Sketchpad

Better get those dishes washed.........


sleepyduck said...

Can't say I'm a great fan of February... nor am I a fan of sciatica... I hope it clears up soon.

Good shot :-) I'll go and check out Noticings now...

Jan said...

Sciatica's horrid, hope it departs soon.

Jon Storey said...

January is bad enough but February! Yuck!

As for sciatica...... Hope it eases soon.

impoftheyard said...

February is my least favourite month too. I used to be troubled with sciatica a lot before my spine finally just fused in the troublesome places. It's no fun so you have my sympathy.

I may well try making a light tent tomorrow and I'll check out Flickr "noticings". Thanks for the links.

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