Sunday, December 13, 2009

A perfect gift for the kiddiwinkles.....

.....but read that caption under the photograph and it's a wonder some of them survived to tell the tale! From 'Gifts you can make yourself' (undated but it looks like late 40's from the illustrations) Didn't get out much today.....oh, you guessed!


Here's Fanny Cradock doing it with mincemeat, it truly brightened a dull out for the final sumptuous, mouth-watering table display. Top find Sarah!


b1tchesbru said...

That cooker looks brand spanking new. Guess that dates it a bit too!

Never really got into cooking with bat wing gowns on though. Always ended up with the dress covered in food. Something best left to Fanny I think!

Jon Storey said...

Ah, those were the days. All that lead in the pipes, paint and toys did us no harm at all....!

As for Fanny Cradock, now that takes me back, no food would have dared to splash on to her dress!

On the subject of strange presents, it was No2 daughter's birthday yesterday and one of her friends gave her some bath stuff that turns the bath water into jelly.........


impoftheyard said...

Just been reading Jon's comment - jelly bath?

Loved the video!

I had an extra hour's sleep for you this morning and now I'm going to drink a cup of tea for you. Hope you enjoyed the snooze.

Jan said...

Aargh Fanny Craddock, she was a tyrant!

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