Thursday, December 17, 2009

Graphic adventure

Graphic adventure, originally uploaded by moclaydon.
It was a photograph once....honest! But I've been faffing about with it after I found this video tutorial on which it's loosely based (proof positive I can't follow Photoshop recipes any more than I can stick to the foody variety!) Don't care, I had fun!

Busy day today with lots of student hand-ins, last minute disasters and zero possibilites for the exercise of free will. One day to go!


sleepyduck said...

Nicely faffed. One day to go :-)

b1tchesbru said...

This is great - must have a shot. Processing is fab - but I think the composition of the photo is what really makes it.

impoftheyard said...

I love this one. I'll definitely have a go at that when I get a chance. Hang on in there - you're on the last day!

Jon Storey said...

A Faff very well spent. Great image.

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