Thursday, August 14, 2008

Personal rant - 'listen again' to BBC news bulletins suspended for duration of Olympic Games

As a coda to the previous post.....I was going to embed a brief soundclip of the news item covering the earth-shattering news that the World Leek Show 2008 had been cancelled, after all the world really needs to know! But apparently the BBC 'listen again' to news bulletins service is suspended because of the bloody Olympics. Click through to listen and you get this...
But hold on.....there's what seems to be a live link to the World Service bulletin on the same page (not entirely sure they would have covered the Leek Show story though!), click on it and you get this....

Y'know, I don't actually CARE about the Olympics, and there wasn't even anything about them in the news bulletin in question (why do I suspect a distinct lack of UK medals as probable cause?).....but World war 3 could have broken out and I would have been none the wiser. RANT OVER!

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