Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm (not necessarily)......

Due to the recent inclement (hah, that's an understatement!) weather I've been spending a lot of time delving into the (local) past in nice, warm, dry libraries. I came across a copy of my house deeds (that I'd forgotten I'd sent in to the Local Studies Centre some years ago)'s the last covenant added in 1964 when it passed out of Methodist ownership (it had been the local manse until then, the church has since been demolished and replaced by a bland housing development)

"The purchaser hereby and jointly covenant with the vendor that no part of the premises hereby conveyed shall at any time hereafter be used for the manufacture, distribution, sale or supply of any intoxicating liquors or for use as a public dance hall or for any purpose in connection with the organisation or practice of gambling in any of it's forms"

.....not sure how that squares with the open bottle of chewy red on the kitchen bench, "Dancing Queen" by Abba playing on the kitchen ghetto blaster and the lottery ticket in my purse!

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